Spike and story behind

Ok,so I've been gone for about 3 almost 4 months
actually I did some surgery because my muscle in my right shoulder ripped 5-6 years ago and since that my shoulder bone dislocation often.So the doctors made 6 cm cut and do some reconstruction for my bone and my muscle

so the story goes...My doctor said that I couldn't do much and must rest for about 2-3 months
it means,no much movement on shoulder, no painting, and no OL because he said typing could make my shoulder hanging and make my muscle stress
(btw,I don't know shoulder muscle have feeling LOL)
so I tried to find some activity and I decided to customized my MUNNY
this is ok because my shoulder will not move much...So that was a lil story about me
and I presented my MUNNY with my new character named SPIKE

(SPIKE = A laughing hedgehog that love to laugh at everything,he's not crazy,he's just love to laugh everything up)


Fantomboy 81

I've got a friend from Belgium named ISAK ONE a.k.a FANTOMBOY 81
he's a great artist and we decided to make some collaboration
and check this out,these are our collaboration

Collab #1

Collab #2

Another one still yet to come...

(note : ISAK ONE after that 2 collaborations,now joined us in FTB)