WingMonkey a.k.a WingKey

so I made a new characer named Wing Monkey a.k.a WingKey
(actually...He's the one who took all my sketch on my previous post)
but,when I posted it...Nox seems not agree with my decision
so there you go...Nox protest me and put WingKey on board with well...you know
some "not-agree-sign"....
Don't worry Nox,I'll not replace you
you both will be complete each other :)



My tags are readable...Ya know what I'm sayin' ?
click the image so you can read it clearly


Tropic, the husky

Hey,this is TROPIC...
He is a Siberian husky,but he can't stand the coldness
I don't know why,but he always got cold when he stays on the cold area
Ummm...I don't know...
But look at him...I'm not sure he's a real husky...Do you?