FTB and EVE for Gembel Urban in Graffiti Gathering at Otista

So here we go
a big event at Otista Raya at Jakarta a charity for Merapi-Mentawai-Wasior

I was coming with my friend Catra (thank's bro) just to see all the graffiti artists painting
but when we arrived there, I met my comrads from FTB and  EVE
and my friend said "hey,why don't you help us painting?" well,so I help my comrad HARD13 and do some FOX-NOX body while he made a realistic face...so here some pics from me...Enjoy :)


nice tags by EVE crew

the wall...We got front wall...Yeay!!

I know,I know...ya'll wanna see the better full wall view huh?

taken from YUK07 web

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